We Saved a Client $30,000 This Year

What's your accountant doing for you?

Planting the Seed

As a service that specializes in small business accounting, bookkeeping and tax returns – all offered at small-business friendly rates – we pride ourselves on protecting our clients and making sure their hard earned money stays in the business.

Get Growing

At New Leaf, we know that the better we can track your financial information, the more reliable our recommendations will be; allowing you to make better business decisions.
For Joan Andrews, owner and operator of Joan Andrews Denture Clinic, getting organized and a little help from us, resulted in finding more than $30,000 she overpaid in tax.

“I couldn’t believe it.

I was so focused on just doing business that I would just pay whatever taxes they told me I owed. When Brian came back to me with the news, it was like a windfall. Now I can invest into the growth of my business.

It was so easy working with Brian and New Leaf and I can’t thank them enough for all they’ve done. Now everything is organized and I have confidence that my business finances are well taken care of, I finally feel like I’ve caught up – and now, I can start getting ahead.”

Joan Andrews, Joan Andrews Denture Clinic

In full bloom

New Leaf Business Services offers Bookkeeping, Accounting, Tax Return preparation and Business Consulting at small-business rates. Trust us to get your paperwork right and that your small business will come out on top in case of an audit.

Our Offer to You:

A free one hour consultation with Brian to see how the support of New Leaf can help you catch up or start getting ahead so you can grow your business and save your hard earned money.

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Brian JohansenBrian Johansen was born in Missouri and raised in North Carolina, but came to Newfoundland to get his Masters in Computational Science at Memorial University. Brian has always had a love of numbers and built New Leaf Business Services to help businesses of all sizes to untangle complicated tax issues and keep better financial records.